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Private Dining

Up to 60 people

The Taste of Italy Dining Experience

Elevate your dining experience at the Italian Cafe with our exclusive private dining options, where the rich tapestry of Italian cuisine meets the intimacy of a personalized setting.
Whether you're hosting a corporate gathering, celebrating a special occasion, or seeking a more secluded ambiance for a romantic dinner, our private dining spaces offer a unique blend of opulence and culinary excellence.
  • Dedicated chef for personalized menu creation.
  • Dedicated service staff for an elevated dining experience.
  • Exclusive access to the private dining room.
  • Customizable menu options to suit preferences.
  • Customized wine or beverage pairings.
  • Flexible seating arrangements for different group sizes.
  • Priority reservation and concierge services.


Private Dining options are available for Lunch or Dinner.