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Our Story
More than 40 years ago, Ben Carpenter envisioned a water front community with canals just as the ones in Venice, Italy. His idea was brought to life and his 12,000 acres of cattle ranch land called "El Ranchito de Las Colinas" is now known as the city of "Las Colinas".
Italian Café was built from the ground up with the idea of bringing to its customer an authentic Italian dining experience.
Their goal was not only to serve delicious Italian meals, but also to offer its customers a warm and welcoming atmosphere; in a setting where socializing and celebrating was easy, just as in the old country.

From its beginnings, the restaurant takes pride in a family-friendly environment.
Today, Italian Café is proud to say that the majority of its staff members have been serving there since the restaurant first opened its doors. As a result of the perfect combination of great service, warm ambiance, and delicious food, almost 80% of its business comes from repeat customers.
While many restaurants have come and gone through out the years, the Italian Café still remains “The Italian Restaurant” of Las Colinas.
The Italian Cafe Restaurant & Bar